Fapping to Feelings

Ask me anything   You ever get home from that long day at work, or school, or sitting around doing nothing with your friends. All you want to do is relax at home, maybe look at a little boylove. But you turn your computer on and you just can't find anything good. Well look no further! Fappingtofeelings is here to deliver.

None of these pictures belong to me. If you know who the original creator is then let me know so I can give credit.

Anonymous asked: Your blog will be missed :( Oh well, thanks for taking the time to do this :)


Thank you. <33

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pineapplefancier asked: you have the most amazing blog, it's the only one i follow on this account because it's pure quality.
Its sad to see you go, but it's been a bloody good run and i can't thankyou enough for all the hot delicious loveliness you've provided just when i need it, all day, every day!!
so thankyou thankyou thankyou!!!!
much love, good luck and farewell! :D


Thank you. And thanks for making the blog awesome. ;D

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Sad news

I sadly believe that I will no longer be running this blog. It takes a lot of time and energy which I feel I just don’t have in me to give.

I want to thank everyone who followed / faved / commented / messaged. Without you this wouldn’t have been possible.

There are tons of amazing yummy blogs out there for you all the enjoy. Thanks for the good run. <33

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Anonymous asked: you're awesome. lovin the kh spam <3


N’aww, thanks!

— 3 years ago